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A Recognition System is a network of recognition programs that are strategically linked together. This linkage allows for multiple initiatives on one platform that supports and reinforces organizational objectives, goals, and values. Well-crafted recognition systems will support your current culture or can be used to drive cultural change.

Recognition Systems help you to strengthen your internal brand with your employees and your external brand with your sales channels and consumers.

Great Lakes Awards believes that it is critical to utilize the Four Cornerstones of Communication, Analysis and Measures, Training, and Reinforcement in the development, introduction, implementation, and operation of each System.

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A user-friendly technology platform allows for multiple recognition initiatives, a hub for training and communication along with a process for making awards and rewards redemption.

Initiatives that can be included in an umbrella program include:

- productivity
- safety
- customer service
- attendance
- on-the-spot recognition
- referrals
- suggestion
- sales
- project completion
- peer-to-peer recognition

Service Awards

Service awards recognizes contributions over time.  In the book, The Loyalty Effect, Reicheld notes that “long term employees learn on the job how to reduce costs and improve quality.”  Organizations that understand that truth, invest time and money to retain top people by recognizing their performance and loyalty. 

Great Lakes Award believes that the best tenure recognition programs are based on a message and not on a “thing.”  A well designed length of tenure recognition program will connect people to your vision, support your culture, and help employees know they are valued by your company.

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