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Great Lakes Awards Inc is a full-service performance improvement and recognition agency.  We help our business clients communicate their brands internally and externally through development and operation of recognition and performance systems, incentives, and promotions. 

We believe that the four cornerstones of communication, measures and analysis, training, and reinforcement are key to the success of reward and recognition systems, incentives, and promotions that engage employees, sales channels and consumers. 

Our goal is to help our clients achieve the highest return on their investment in recognition systems, incentives and promotions.

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Great Lakes Awards’ Recognition Perspective

Our experience with reward and recognition and exposure to years of reward and recognition studies and program results has resulted in these learnings:

1. Your employees are the key differentiator – the only thing your competitors cannot duplicate. That fact makes your organizational culture extremely important if you hope to retain the best employees.

2. Recognition is a great business decision. Recent studies have supported what many have long believed. Companies that have a culture of recognition built into the fabric of their organization have a return of equity on equity that is three times higher than those that have few recognition opportunities.

3. Employees are looking for individualized recognition. For the first time, we have four generations in the work force – traditionalists, boomers, Gen Xers, and Gen Yers. And each generation has a different idea of what signifies effective recognition.

4. Support from the C-suite is essential. The CEO, COO, and CFO must be committed to supporting recognition systems that touch employees across the organization. By being a part of these system through their images and voices, and approving the budgets that support them, they lend a credibility to the behaviors and results asked of employees by the organization .

5. Managers and supervisors are the key to the success of recognition systems. They interact with employees and sales channels every day and have the opportunity to engage in the recognition process with many employees multiple times of the year. A Gallup study confirmed that employees don’t leave organizations, they leave because they don’t like the relationship they have with their immediate supervisor.

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