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One of the critical success factors for every corporation is having an engaged workforce and sales channel along with consumer loyalty. Everyone is busy, focused on their specific tasks and needs, and thinking about those things that specifically affect them. People will let you into their world, but you must bring relevance or fun, or some combination of both.

At Great Lakes Awards, we partner with our clients to help send clear concise messages to their constituents through promotions. Our goal is to be creative, relevant, and unique so your branding message has the best chance of being heard.

Consumer Promotions

If attracting attention in the marketplace was easy, you wouldn’t need us. Your trying to grow your business, increase market share, and be a leading-edge organization. Share your goals with us and we’ll develop a plan that will lead to achievement of those goals. We’ll help you “touch” the people you are try to reach. It’s all about the connection!

Internal Employee Promotions

Are you planning to kick off a new company-wide initiative?Do you wantto bring short-term focus to a specific issue? Great Lakes Awards will bring creativity and flexibility to your project. Our expertise in communication, project planning, and understanding the culture of your organization will lead us to a solution that will be powerful and touch a large percentage of your employees and associates.

Gifts - Events & Tradeshow Support - Apparel & Uniforms

Gift-giving can have pit-falls. We’ll help you stay away from corporate taboos, and make sure that the emotions you elicit are positive ones such as appreciation, loyalty and warmth.

Great Lakes Awards will bring its experience and expertise to in support of your efforts to make your corporate events memorable . Need unique items for a tradeshow – we can help?

Great Lakes Awards can assist you in event concepts and design, creative gift suggestion and custom sourcing. We can deliver creative marketing items and materials to bring attention to your event or trade show booth. We’ll be your partner; helping you to make your event or trade show an unqualified success.

And if you are looking for a way to have your team look their best, we’ll help you boost morale by helping you upgrade your company uniforms and corporate apparel from “OK” to “YES!” Let’s talk about your goals. Given time and the right quantities, we can build an entire line of apparel. And that includes custom colors, labels, and hang tags along with logos on buttons, and logos woven into fabrics.

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